LinGrok - Linux Kernel Cross Reference (LXR)

LinGrok is a project that provides a powerful online source code browser and cross reference of some important Git development trees of the Linux kernel. These trees are automatically updated each day for the sake of bleeding edge!

You can start browsing here.

Here's a short description of the development tree' master branches hosted on LinGrok:

Also, the following Linux-related projects are browsable on LinGrok: Nevertheless, if you are looking for the official stable Linux source code trees, try out Furthermore, LinGrok hosts the latest versions of some interesting research operating systems such as Barrelfish or xv6.

News LinGrok is purely non-profit and provided in the hope, that it is found useful. The cross referencing engine is based on OpenGrok with some slight modifications. Indexes are synchronized with their corresponding Git trees every day. It runs on an Intel i7-2600 machine with 16GB RAM with Debian Linux. LinGrok is maintained by Daniel Borkmann and Tobias Kalbitz in their spare time. If you need to contact us or you have any suggestion please write us a mail to:

Happy kernel hacking!